Christopher Robin's Edward Bear launched to coincide with new film

Merrythought's Edward is a stunning replica (46cm) of the teddy bear who famously inspired AA Milne's world famous Winnie The Pooh stories. Originally created by Farnell in 1921, Merrythought have brought Edward to life again to star in the major feature film Goodbye Christopher Robin. Little Edward is a charming smaller version (28cm) of both the original and the film replica of Christopher Robin's teddy bear.

Edward was purchased from Harrods by Daphne Milne as a birthday gift for her son Christopher Robin. Edward and Christopher Robin became the very best of friends. Following a trip to London Zoo, the young boy later named his bear after the zoo's resident black bear Winnipeg, or Winnie for short.

Christopher Robin's father, AA Milne was so enamoured with his son's partnership with his teddy bear and began to pen stories about their journey through life together.

Hand crafted in England using the same traditional skills and materials used to create Christopher Robin's original Edward bear, both versions are made from antique gold coloured mohair and has simply exquisite wool felt foot pads. Please click the image below for details of each bear.