Smart Stationery Pencil by Jellycat


Catalogue number: SMST2PEN

The ultimate mascot, good luck charm or keepsake for exams, completed paperwork, essays and dissertations; Jellycat's cheerful smart stationery pencil is sure to hit the mark for any occasion where you have signed on the dotted line! Made from ultra-soft pale mustard yellow plush, this merry fellow has a pink suedette eraser, a grey nib and black corduroy feet and the happiest of smiles!  

  • Size: 43cm / 17 inches
  • Unjointed
  • Age: 0+
  • Surface wash 
  • CE mark

Creating original and innovative soft toys in London since 1999, Jellycat continues to combine luxurious fabrics with designs that are sometimes quirky, sometimes cute but always with a little something different that makes them stand out from the crowd!

Manufacturer: Jellycat

Collections: Jellycat, Soft Toys

Category: Smart Stationery, Soft Toys

Type: Soft Toys

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