Candy Bomber 70th Anniversary Teddy Bear by Hermann Spielwaren - 37cm

Hermann Spielwaren

Catalogue number: 19102-3

This wonderful 'Rosinenbomber' or 'Candy Bomber' teddy bear has been created to commemorate 70 years since the beginning of Operation Berlin Airlift in 1948. During the time of the Berlin Airlift, over 2.2 million people in West Berlin were supplied by the Western Allies by air with all the necessary food, medicines and fuels after the Soviet occupation completely cut off West Berlin's land and water routes and power supply. To ensure that the people in the area survived, Western Allies dropped supplies from the air around the clock. The planes were lovingly named 'Rosinenbombers' by the Berlin population. The name originated from a the actions of an American pilot who began tying small chocolate bars to home-made handkerchief parachutes, and then dropping them off before landing for the waving children. This act of kindness soon attracted attention and many of his colleagues joined him. As a result, civilian Americans collected candy to support them. The Soviets lifted the Berlin blockade after 11 months on the 12th May 1949. Then, on the 30th September 1949, the Berlin Airlift operation officially ended.

This handsome teddy bear is made from the finest mohair and is filled with wood shavings in the traditional way. He has a tilt growler and wears a fabulous brown faux leather pilot's flight cap and googles. He wears a white neckerchief scarf emblazoned with the flags of the Western Allies - The United States, Britain and France. He carries with his a charming fabric chocolate bar with its own parachute and he has commemorative embroidered foot pads.

He is limited to just 250 pieces.

  • Size: 37cm / 14.5 inches
  • 5-way jointed
  • Age: 14+
  • Surface washable

German teddy bear manufacturer Hermann Spielwaren was founded by Max Hermann in 1920. Today the company is based in Coburg and is run by his grandchildren, Dr Ursula and Martin Hermann.

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