Orinoco by Steiff - 34cm


Catalogue number: 691157

Womble creator Elizabeth Beresford took her children for a Boxing Day walk on Wimbledon Common. Her young daughter Kate mispronounced the common as Wombledon Common and the name was born. The first book, entitled The Wombles, was published in 1968. This was followed in 1973 by a stop motion animation television series directed by Ivor Wood with narration by Bernard Cribbins. 

The Wombles formed a pop band and had a best selling album with music composed by Mike Batt. The band made a triumphant return at the Glastonbury Festival in 2011.

The Wombles came out of hibernation at the beginning of 2020 to spread their positive message of local environmentalism. New animated versions of these loveable scavengers can be seen on their website and in various campaigns championing sustainability, a love of nature and the importance of community.

Orinoco is lazy and loves sleep and food! Inspired by Beresford's teenage son, he is named after the South American river. Though slothful, Orinoco is capable of surprising acts of moral and physical courage.

Steiff’s interpretation of this iconic character is made from beautifully soft linen plush fabric and violan felt (made from 100% biodegradable plant and wood fibres). He is filled with stuffing created from recycled plastic bottles. These alternative materials not only emphasise Steiff's commitment to exploring new sustainable materials and processes, but also cements the essence of The Wombles' message to recycle and reuse.

He has a gold plated 'Button in Ear' and is limited to only 973 pieces. He comes with his numbered certificate in a Steiff gift box with its original protective cardboard outer sleeve.

  • Size: 34cm / 13.75 inches
  • 3-Way Jointed (head and arms)
  • Age: 14+
  • Surface washable

Margarete Steiff GmbH is the oldest and most famous teddy bear and soft toy manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, the company motto is “Only the best is good enough for our children”. Credited with inventing the first teddy bear in 1902, the company is best known for its “Button in Ear” trademark.

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