Oakley Teddy Bear by Dean's - 38cm


Catalogue number: 19.035

Oakley is a gorgeous teddy bear made from soft tousled textured golden blond plush fabric and sparse blond mohair on his nose. He has soft suedette feet with stitched claws, a hand embroidered brown nose and endearing dark eyes. Oakley wears a smart chestnut brown satin ribbon around his neck and is part pellet filled for a lovely cuddly feel.

Oakley is a part of a limited edition of 399 pieces.

  • Size: 38cm / 15 inches
  • 5-way jointed
  • Age: 3+
  • Surface washable
  • CE Mark

The Dean's Rag Book Company Ltd was originally established in London in 1903 and was the first British company to produce teddy bears in 1915. Dean’s made many types of toys from rag books to beautifully crafted dolls, teddy bears and even famous characters like Mickey Mouse. Limited editions were introduced to the range in 1990, establishing the company as one of the best-known teddy bear manufacturers. More recently, a company merger and new management has started a new chapter in the Dean’s story.

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