Max - brown bear limited edition by Kosen - 32cm


Catalogue number: 7260

Please note that this is an advance order and that this piece is expected to be delivered at the end of May 2019 due to phenomenal demand. 

Kösen's Max has been specifically launched to support the Worbis Bear Park in Germany. He follows last year's launch of Emma the limited edition Syrian brown bear.

Max lived and was confined with Emma to a tiny bear pit in an "experience" restaurant in Switzerland in 1992, where they spent 8 years. With limited exposure to nature from within this deep pit, Emma and Max often had rubbish thrown down at them by passers by and could only see the sky when they lifted their heads upwards. When bear husbandry was abolished in 2000, Emma and Max were rescued by Worbis.

After being sketched, photographed and studied, Max has now also been brought to life in 40 individual pieces of the highest quality plush and is filled with special polyester fibres to give him a lovely soft feel. He has beautifully airbrushed foot pads and features.

Max is limited to only 300 pieces worldwide and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. 

  • Size: 32cm / 13 inches
  • Unjointed
  • Age: 14+
  • Surface washable
  • CE mark

Kösen has produced toys in Bad Kösen in Germany since 1912. The company produces high quality lifelike animals, which are regarded by connoisseurs of all ages as some of the finest in the world. Their creations are all based on the intensive study of real animals. The design process involves creating clay models from drawings of the real animals. The company has won many design awards, which reflect the quality of design and craftsmanship.

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