Lesley Anne Ivory's Agneatha by Steiff - 40cm


Catalogue number: 690716

Lesley Anne Ivory has gained her reputation as the world’s most popular painter of cats by sustaining a superlative level of invention and craftsmanship. Married to the artist Evan Ivory and living in Hertfordshire, Lesley Anne works as a freelance designer and illustrator. As an illustrator, she has published many books, including Cats Know Best and Meet My Cats. Though she is patiently fascinated by the appearance and behaviour of cats and studies their individuality with constant and precise attention, Lesley Anne is never content with providing a vague backdrop or with creating a hasty sketch and draws inspiration from her vast knowledge of the history of design in order to add greater depth to her work.

Steiff's breathtaking interpretation of one of Lesley Anne's most beloved cats, Agneatha is crafted with the same attention to detail and care as Lesley Anne applies to her drawings. Made from the finest soft-brown and white plush fabric with mesmerising two-tone eyes, Steiff have perfectly captured this beautiful cat.

"Agneatha was about the prettiest kitten we have ever had. She was embraced by our family and matured into the most beautiful cat imaginable. Imagine our joy as she is immortalised by Steiff. Their creation is so life-like we feel we have her with us forever." Lesley Anne Ivory

Agneatha is limited to only 1,000 and is presented with a numbered certificate in a Steiff gift box with a cardboard outer sleeve.

  • Size: 40cm / 15.5 inches
  • Unjointed
  • Age: 14+
  • Surface washable

Margarete Steiff GmbH is the oldest and most famous teddy bear and soft toy manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, the company motto is “Only the best is good enough for our children”. Credited with inventing the first teddy bear in 1902, the company is best known for its “Button in Ear” trademark.

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