Captain Pierre by Mister Bear - 35cm

Mister Bear

Catalogue number: MB18CPTP

Captain Pierre is a breath taking pirate teddy bear, crafted with exceptional attention to detail from the finest blond mohair. He wears a bespoke navy blue linen jacket with scarlet red braiding and cuffs which is perfectly finished with mother of pearl buttons and a lace neckerchief. His striped cotton linen trousers are accessorised with a handmade leather belt and rusted belt buckle. Upon his head sits a hand made black wool felt Captain's hat with a red, white and blue ribbon cocade embellishment. Beneath his hat, Captain Pierre wears an opulent antique gold taffeta silk headscarf which is finished with a single gold hoop earring. He has a lightly waxed black embroidered nose and striking black boot button eyes. Captain Pierre also boasts subtle shaving and airbrushing.

Captain Pierre is an exquisite one-of-a-kind teddy bear made especially for The Bear Garden.

  • Size: 35cm / 13.75 inches
  • 5-way jointed
  • Age: 14+
  • Surface washable

Jennie Sharman-Cox has been at the forefront of the British Bear Artist movement since 1990 when she started making under the name Mister Bear after a varied career in window dressing, fashion, ceramics and theatrical costume! From the outset, her distinctive style has been based on early Edwardian bears; long limbs, big feet and humped backs. Jennie loves using antique fabric and accessories, which help to give the bears a real feeling of history.

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