Alice's Bear Shop Little Lost Bear by Charlie Bears - 28cm

Charlie Bears

Catalogue number: ABS186012

Charlie Bears and author of the Alice's Bear Shop stories; Rikey Austin have created a magical collection of the book characters that Rikey first wrote about over 20 years ago. Rikey's books tell the stories of these characters and how they made their way to Alice's Bear Shop.

Little Lost Bear has an exciting tale to tell about his adventures in the train station's lost property office.

Charlie Bears' Little Lost Bear is made from soft curly brown chenille plush. He has endearing sad eyes and a hand-embroidered nose. He has magnets in his paws, so can cover his eyes and play peek-a-boo, or hold hands with his friends!

  • Size: 28cm / 11 inches
  • Unjointed
  • Age: 18 months +
  • Machine wash 30°
  • CE mark

Charlie Bears was founded by keen bear enthusiasts Charlotte and William Morris in November 2005. The company is based in Launceston in Cornwall and its motto is "There is always room for one more bear!”

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