1908 Replica Teddy Bear by Steiff - 35cm


Catalogue number: 403453

Bruno, the black teddy bear, was created in 1908, as part of a commissioned series of six coloured bears for a presentation in London. Thought to be lost, the pink, green, yellow and black bears have never been seen again until, the monumental discovery of Bruno by a passionate Steiff Collector. Steiff archivists have confirmed that Bruno is a unique bear from 1908 and he features red claws, skilful sculpting and a sand coloured double stitched mouth and nose, which was first seen on a prototype bear made by Richard Steiff in 1907. This handsome replica of Bruno is crafted from black mohair and is stuffed with wood shavings in the traditional way. He has endearing black boot button style wooden eyes and a gentle tilt growler.

This replica teddy bear is limited to only 1,908 pieces and has a period accurate patinated steel underscored "Button in Ear" and ear tag. His modern tag is on his side. He is presented with a numbered certificate in a Steiff gift box with a cardboard outer sleeve.

  • Size: 35cm / 14 inches
  • 5-way jointed
  • Age: 14+
  • Surface washable

Margarete Steiff GmbH is the oldest and most famous teddy bear and soft toy manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, the company motto is “Only the best is good enough for our children”. Credited with inventing the first teddy bear in 1902, the company is best known for its “Button in Ear” trademark.

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